Visit us in-person Weds-Sun at Vintage Source KC and First Weekends at Urban Mining Market or any day of the week by appointment.

VINCA's Story

VINCA is a concept shop by best friends and vintage enthusiasts, Amanda Butler and Emma Sims Hall. Amanda started selling vintage in 2021 with an online shop originally called “Volker Vintage Supply,” and when Emma came on board in 2023, VINCA was born. Vinca, a vining flower also known more commonly as “periwinkle,” has sentimental meaning to the duo, thus the shop name. In the 18th century, philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau wrote about vinca in Confessions associating the plant with the experience of nostalgia and the delight of friendship. Since those writings, vinca has become more commonly known today as an symbol of memory and friendship – two values Amanda and Emma hold dear. Both women are old house enthusiasts and passionate collectors of well-made vintage textiles, art, furniture, and home décor. VINCA is the convergence of Emma and Amanda's friendship and shared fondness for found objects.